Friday, September 16, 2005

The Stars are Aligning, Perhaps?

My horoscopes this week seem to be trying to tell me something. But what, exactly?!?!

Hello Guy,
Here's your Sept 14 horoscope.
If you have been thinking about making some big changes in your career, Guy, today you are likely to receive some real insight into what you should do. You may discover that you do not need to change careers after all. Maybe a new job would satisfy you. Or, better yet, perhaps you could remain in your current job and just change your responsibilities. Sometimes little changes can reap huge rewards.

Hello Guy,
Here's your Sept 16 horoscope.
Today you could be considering a new career path, Guy. You might be concerned with cash flow right now. You could be a little frustrated as you work on your budget. Try to focus on practical solutions. Maybe you could ask for a raise at work. Or maybe you'll want to consider doing some consulting on the side. There are many short-term solutions to this situation. So don't let your worries get the best of you!
Interestingly, I found out yesterday that I'm no longer in the running for what was a long-shot dream job that came out of left field a few weeks ago. Also found out that my long-delayed promotion (aka, something resembling a legitimate raise reflecting the extreme change in my job responsibilities since I started 2.5 years ago!) has nothing to do with which and how many magazines I'm working on, as I was initially led to believe, but on my being more proactive. Proactive apparently meaning going ahead with projects that won't be acted on, simply to spend the money in my budget. Catch-22, anyone?


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