Sunday, February 12, 2006

Google Me

A co-worker/friend of mine is tracking himself through, trying to get his site listed as the number one search on Google, Yahoo! and MSN for his name. Out of curiousity, I manually searched my full name on each of the search engines to see what my years on the internet have reaped.

Google Top 5:

Comic Book Commentary

loudpoet productions

BUZZSCOPE :: Establishing Shots #4: One Year Later

Blogger: User Profile: Guy Gonzalez

louderARTS Project
I'm a little surprised by the last three searches as they seem rather specific, especially the Buzzscope column and my louderARTS page. I'd have expected my staff page on Buzzscope to have ranked higher than a specific column, but that column does include my Top 10 list for 2005 and had a lot of links to it so it illustrates the importance Google places on incoming links, but at the same time, it makes the Blogger profile and the louderARTS bio page seem odd as I doubt there's more than a handful of places those are linked from. Also suprising is the absence of this blog, my most consistently updated internet presence over the past 3 years, despite the recent lull.

Yahoo! Top 5:

Comic Book Commentary

pairNIC - Domain Name Registration guy stuff

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez: About

a little bit louder
My comics blog and personal site get top ranking here, too - though Yahoo!'s seemingly not updated the description since went down for a week last month when I was fixing my spam problem on the account - but the rest of the results differ greatly, not recognizing Buzzscope at all, and double-dipping on Most surprising is my old GeoCities site for a little bit louder ranking so highly, which must partly be due to Yahoo! owning GeoCities and ranking their pages a bit higher than they realistically should be.

MSN Top 5:

Blogger: User Profile: Guy Gonzalez
* guy stuff

Comic Book Commentary: Review: DEMO #1-12

BUZZSCOPE :: Establishing Shots #4: One Year Later

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez: Appearances
MSN comes in with the oddest rankings, with my Blogger profile on top of the list, and specific pages from the comics blog and Buzzscope beating out my personal site. Even weirder is that is represented by my appearances page, instead of the main page, the about page, or even the writing page which gets listed as a secondary result. MSN is also the only one that doesn't give direct props to my poetry-related sites.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Blog, I have forsaken thee...

Remember when I used to post every day, sometimes multiple times a day? Those were heady times, between the war and the elections and the poetry scene, etc. Nowadays, I don't think I'm even averaging one post a week.

Part of the reason is that comics have pretty much taken over the little bit of free time I have, so most of what I have to say these days either goes on CBC or Buzzscope. On the personal front, I've always been reluctant to get too personal here, and Salomé is doing a much better job of keeping people updated on our lives than I would anyway, so I'm not really sure what to do with this blog anymore.

I don't even have time for memes!

That said, still no news on that thing you've all got your fingers crossed for me, though I'm getting a sense that the odds have shifted against me as the playing field has shifted quite a bit from when it first came up. Straight out of Proverbs, though, it looks like as one door's closing, another might be opening, so keep those fingers crossed! This new thing would be huge; like dream come true huge!

I just realized that this bit of vague limbo I'm referring to is another reason I'm nt blogging much of late. This new thing would actually cause me to re-evaluate my blogging overall.

Cryptic enough for ya?

Pating shots:

1) Yay, Bettis! Seahwawks fans need to stop complaining about the refs. Good teams find a way to overcome that sort of thing.

2) Boo, Jets! What the hell is going on over there? Two dudes my age running the show? Talk about a rebuilding program! Another 10 years of cheering on somebody else's team in the Super Bowl.

3) Let's go, Mets! It's the 30th anniversary of the 1986 championship. This is the year, baby!