Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Blog, I have forsaken thee...

Remember when I used to post every day, sometimes multiple times a day? Those were heady times, between the war and the elections and the poetry scene, etc. Nowadays, I don't think I'm even averaging one post a week.

Part of the reason is that comics have pretty much taken over the little bit of free time I have, so most of what I have to say these days either goes on CBC or Buzzscope. On the personal front, I've always been reluctant to get too personal here, and Salomé is doing a much better job of keeping people updated on our lives than I would anyway, so I'm not really sure what to do with this blog anymore.

I don't even have time for memes!

That said, still no news on that thing you've all got your fingers crossed for me, though I'm getting a sense that the odds have shifted against me as the playing field has shifted quite a bit from when it first came up. Straight out of Proverbs, though, it looks like as one door's closing, another might be opening, so keep those fingers crossed! This new thing would be huge; like dream come true huge!

I just realized that this bit of vague limbo I'm referring to is another reason I'm nt blogging much of late. This new thing would actually cause me to re-evaluate my blogging overall.

Cryptic enough for ya?

Pating shots:

1) Yay, Bettis! Seahwawks fans need to stop complaining about the refs. Good teams find a way to overcome that sort of thing.

2) Boo, Jets! What the hell is going on over there? Two dudes my age running the show? Talk about a rebuilding program! Another 10 years of cheering on somebody else's team in the Super Bowl.

3) Let's go, Mets! It's the 30th anniversary of the 1986 championship. This is the year, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Arrrrrg! Must we wonder what the "new thing" is??? Your enjoying this aren't you? :-).......No, I understand where your coming from......without knowing what "it" is. Iddywho, still have my fingers crossed.