Sunday, October 23, 2005

NOT Like Riding a Bike

There's plenty of things you can go back to after years away - particularly stuff that's bad for you like smoking, and poetry slams - but school definitely isn't one of them. Another weekend, another cram session, made that much more stressful by a week laid up with something flu-like and all day yesterday taken by Isaac's 5th Birthday party.

The party was worth the delay, though, as Isaac had a blast with his first birthday/costume party, and even India got in the on the fun.

What? I used to own the real thing! :-P

Now, back to the unrelenting dungeons of higher - as in, "What was I smoking?" - education...


sandrajeanpoet said...

fyi- this is a portion of my post today: (who i read) I stumbled upon the talented (and busy! you go, dude) Loudpoet and his wife Salomé who post separate blogs. The couple has two children, one of which is autistic. He restores my faith in men, they restore my faith in man/woman relationships. The composite is a beautiful picture.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

* blush *

Thanks for the kind words!