Monday, January 30, 2006

No news is good news

...for the time being, at least. I'd say it's a 50/50 shot right now, which is actually a little better than what I thought a week or so ago. Keep those fingers crossed!

In other news, I need a vacation. And another 3 hours added to each day!


PS: Cleared out 12,000+ emails from my email this weekend, dating back to March 2005, when I abandoned it to an overload of spam. Caught a few emails of interest in my deleting frenzy, though - batches of 200, sorted by subject, made for some interesting anecdotal marketing research - including the fact that I am apparently a lifetime member of Poetry Slam, Inc! If you sent me anything there in the past year or so, I wasn't ignoring you...I never received it! Next up, a site redesign?

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