Friday, August 13, 2004

Pumpkin Seeds: Wizard of Oz Edition

1. I have no problem with anonymous comments – not everybody wants/needs to sign up for a Blogger account – but to do so maliciously, purposely hiding your identity so you can make hurtful or inflammatory statements is just cowardly, petty bullshit. To go so far as to create a fake Blogger account for the express purpose of tormenting someone you have issues with is even worse. Have the courage to own up to your shit or shut the hell up.

2. This has nothing to do with me directly as I couldn’t care less what an anonymous commenter has to say to/about me or something I write. That kind of thing rolls off my back.

3. Speaking of comments, they’ve been kind of light recently. Talk to me people!

4. NJ Governor Jim McGreevey’s pre-emptive self-outing was a ballsy political move, not the profound historic moment many are making it out to be. The guy is covering his ass with a savvy feint as his corrupt administration falls apart around him. That he himself was about to be implicated for having put his lover on the state payroll, in key positions he was completely unqualified for, is the real reason he’s resigning. His coming out is simply a defensive ploy to keep that aspect of the issue from being used against him.

5. Some idiot on the news had the gall to compare it to Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. Um…no! I hate it when people attempt to equate certain prejudices with racism, especially in this instance. Robinson wasn’t guilty of anything other than being black when he broke into baseball. While there are definitely many barriers gays face in our society, other than the right to marry, none of then are written into law!

6. The saddest thing about all of this is McGreevey’s speech was an amazing one. Too bad it will be forever tainted by the context in which it was delivered. Imagine if he’d made that speech back in January when he signed NJ’s Domestic Partnership Act into law?

7. Damn, Ebay. I’ve been hooked. In the past couple of days, I’ve bought one lot of 50 random comic books, four packs of D&D Miniatures (Archfiends), and He Hate Me’s XFL rookie card! I’m currently watching a copy of MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28 (Moon Knight’s 1st Solo appearance), and a complete set of XFL trading cards.

8. I’m two weeks behind on my weekly comic book run and am worried Identity Crisis #3 might sell out before I get uptown. I missed the last issue of the Loki mini-series, again, and will have to get up to Yonkers to hopefully track it down. Might be a good excuse to check out the comic book store over in Riverdale, too.

9. My birthday weekend is here! D&D tonight; party tomorrow; hope to squeeze some Xbox time in there, too. If I owe you an email, and I owe several, I promise to get back on track next week! Late next week, probably, but definitely by Friday. ;-)

10. Go Mets! I still believe.


Dyanna said...

Dammit I need to read the paper more. I mean, McGreevey is MY Governor - or at least until November... I heard about the corruption but not about him putting his lover on the payroll!

For the record I always comment! (even if its silliness) I have nothing else to do while I'm getting paid at work - I wonder what my bosses would think if they knew all I did was blog and comment all day long... ;-) - That was a joke in regards to an anonymous comment on my blog yesterday.

Blogs are about YOU. Whether it be all of you or only parts of you, its you nonetheless. If a person doesnt like what they are reading, why bother? I used to read certain blogs, got pissed at something I read and stopped reading them. I dont judge, I just stop reading. Some people should think about that. And if they want to, they can get a blog too.

Dyanna said...

Oh, and wait to go to the comic store. You never know what you will get as a birthday gift.

...And I'm not speaking for myself here, we didnt get you jack shit. We're just going to eat up your good ass food and laugh at you for being OLD (oh wait. Steve's still older. Damn. We'll I'LL just laugh and point out your wrinkles. ;-)

Earl said...

Pumpkin seeds #4 and #5 - good commentary. I think it's only the tip of the ice berg though. Just about everyone in his administration has been under investigation recently. I'm pissed that his resignation is not effective immediately. This whole November 15th thing is a political game.

On a more pleasant note, I hope you have a happy birthday. I look forward to reading your perspective on being 35, as I'll be there in two-and-a-half years myself. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong about posting unfair or hurtful comments. I mean you write stuff so people will comment it is controversy at its best. As far as creating an account just to stalk well that makes perfect sense to me.
Signed Laqwan

Rich said...

anonymous blog posters should all be killed...anonymously.