Thursday, June 9, 2005

Softball; Batman Begins; Vacation

My second game with the company softball team is tonight @ 6pm, back at the Coleman Oval Playground on Market & Monroe Streets, in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. I missed our only practice and last weekend's double-header so I have no idea if I'll be returning to shortstop or what. Prefer the infield to the outfield, but unless we've vastly improved I'd likely see the same amount of action either way. Need to buy a pair of sweats, though, as my only pair fall down when I run!

Salomé has guaranteed another year of marriage, winning us a couple of passes to an advance screening of Batman Begins tomorrow! Envy me, beeyotches! :-P

We leave for my mother's place on Saturday for a week of relative relaxation and the possibility of sleeping in til 9am every day! Couldn't come at a better time as I've been burning the candle at both ends lately and need the break. As usual when I get involved in something new, I jumped into the Buzzscope thing with both feet and have established an early pace for output that there's no way I can maintain much longer. Was up until almost 2am last night polishing off an interview with the controversial publisher of Alias Enterprises, a new player on the comic book scene that's trying to make a splash and has made some early missteps. It's not "live" yet but you can sneak a peek at it here. Think it's my best one yet. UPDATE: It's now live. :-)

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