Tuesday, July 22, 2003


1) I'm so over Angelina Jolie. Caught pieces of her interview last week and couldn't help but be irritated. Salomé nailed it: "She's a spoiled, overprivileged brat that craves attention." Or something to that effect. Seriously, though, she's got big boobs and lips (but no hips or ass at all!) and has done a couple of decent movies (Gia and Girl, Interrupted) where she got to act out. Everything else she's done was lame to sucky. I feel sorry for that Cambodian kid she adopted. How the hell do freaks like her get to adopt a kid anyway?

2) The Kobe Bryant thing is kind of ridiculous. Sure he's a big star and all but front page news? Come on. Isn't there a war or something going on? Have to give his wife credit for standing by him, though. The easy thing would be to leave him hanging, get a divorce and cash in. The really easy thing is to be on the outside looking in, saying that's exactly what she should do. I don't understand the moral outrage that suggests she's weak for sticking it out and trying to salvage her marriage. Unless it turns out that it was rape and not consensual. Then, it's time to figure out visitation rights for the kid. Kobe's had a good reputation up until now so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

3) I despise people that are condemning the troops that had the nerve to speak out about their frustrations over the Iraq War and their lack of trust for the Bush Administration's handling of things. Especially people that have never even been in the military! These are the same people that cry "support our troops" as they're shipped off to die yet are shocked at the willingness of suicide bombers to die for their causes. Most young kids that sign up for service don't do it expecting to have to go to war. They do it in hopes of bettering their situations, to get an education, to take care of their families. There have been 275 confirmed coalition deaths in the war as of July 21, 2003. That's 275 men and women sent to their deaths by George W. Bush and every single person that supported the war.

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