Thursday, July 3, 2003

A Call for Action...

I am urging each of you that reads this to step up and send $25 to the presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich, and to commit to organizing at least three others to do the same thing.

Kucinich is the most progressive candidate currently running for President. A small donation now will advance his campaign immeasurably, forcing the mainstream media to pay more attention to him, and spreading his important positions on National Health Care for everyone, anti-Nafta and Gatt, rescinding the Patriot Act and making a true committment to peace.

As a four-term Democratic Congressman, he is not a symbolic candidate. He is a tried and tested politician who has stayed true to his principles. If you simply support who you think will "win," you can't complain when they don't represent your interests.

Support Democratic diversity, support a peace initiative and support a progressive agenda.

Find out more about his key positions here:

To contribute, go here:

The internet is changing national politics. Please participate.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

"Someone must step forward. Someone must say stop. Someone must say, America must take a new direction. Someone must say that it is time for a fundamental change of the kind brought by FDR in 1932. We must shake the nation from this color-coded nightmare of terror alerts and attacks on our civil liberties. . . . "--Dennis Kucinich

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