Friday, September 5, 2003

Damn! Blogger's lost a post for the first time. Grrrr...

Quick shots:

* It's gonna be a loooooooooong season out at the Meadowlands. The Jets looked terrible last night with Vinny at the helm. Thank goodness for FANTASY football! :-(

* Watched last night's debate and didn't hear anything that changed my mind all that much. Dean is ripe for Saturday Night Live mockery, with that stiff neck and habit of talking out of one side of his mouth. Darryl Hammond should be able to nail him nicely. (Side note: An interesting analysis of the debate at Slate, includes a reference to Dean's humourous Bushism when he referred to Latin America as a hemisphere!) Mosley-Braun reminds me of someone's grandmother, sweet and well-intentioned, but utterly out of her league in the race for President. Despite what NOW thinks, the fact that she's the only woman in the race does not make her a legitimate candidate. In the end, Kucinich still comes across as the only one representing anything more than "Anyone but Bush." I did miss Sharpton's input, though. He always makes these debates more interesting.

* The seminar earlier this week went relatively well. Particularly enjoyed the hors d'ouevres, most notably the raw oysters w/tomato sherbert! Had fun chatting with my old boss, tipsy from the generous drinks and a little giddy from the feeling "not my job anymore" gives you. It was kind of awkward watching the new boss wander around, not really sure what she should be doing. I think the boat's starting to take on more water than she can bail and will sink shortly. Sad.

* Ed Greenwood writes a solid story with a great flair for describing combat. I enjoyed his story the most in Realms of Shadow, and picked up his The Vacant Throne, a non-D&D-based, D&D-style adventure. I'm about 50 pages in and enjoying it immensely. One thing I can't stand about this genre, though, is the names. Don't know if they're based on some Old World dialect or just made up but I find it distracting and it makes it hard to keep track of the various characters and places. I'm going the anachronistic route with the stuff I'm planning on. Easier to follow and more fun.

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