Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Last week came and went and I feel like I didn't get nearly enough done, at work or at home.

With the new boss operating at half-speed - she's asked me to slow down three different times while explaining aspects of her job that got dumped on my desk in the transition - work feels like it's ground to a screeching halt. I think she's in way over her head as she's floundering already and hasn't even seen half of what she's responsible for! They really screwed us with the botched transition and I'm concerned it's going to change this from a job I actually enjoy to one I tolerate for the paycheck. That would be bad.

I've never gone through a transition that involved my immediate boss as I've generally been the one leaving or, the two times I've had a boss leave - both under less-than-voluntary circumstances - I left with them out of loyalty and/or disgust with the process. This time, though there's nothing particularly negative about the change, I can't help but feel this odd sense of...oddness

The new boss seems nice enough, as a person, just completely out of her league running a marketing department. She's more of a manager and delegator, which is a total 180 from what we're used to, and doesn't multi-task well at all. She actually dislikes the creative elements of the job, preferring the detail work, like budgets and stuff. A double-edged sword there as it likely means I'll get to write even more copy than I do now but, the downside is that it I'll have to write that copy on top of the less-interesting stuff I already have to do. Also, she's not very techno-savvy, with a limited range of software experience and the apparent inability to transfer her exisiting skills. But hey, she's got thirty years experience, used to be a publisher, and she came cheap! Ah, corporate America.

Anyway, I now have to dig out a suit as my presence is required at a seminar we're doing tomorrow night, part of this big program we're running for Wachovia and it means I'll have to hobknob with a bunch of money-eyed stock brokers scamming free drinks and a new angle to make even more money. The new boss will be there and I can only imagine how she'll respond. She's got an extensive sales background (though ZERO marketing experience?!?!?!) so maybe she'll be more in her element there?

Reluctantly keeping one eye on my idealist.org updates... :-(

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