Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Authors-on-your-shelf meme
(Meme: copy somebody else's list, delete the authors that aren't on your shelf, and add some authors you have - keeping the number at ten.)

Dawn Saylor's List:

Neil Gaiman
Michael Chabon
Jack McCarthy
Douglas Adams
Philip K. Dick
Sandra Cisneros
Lee Francis
Erica Jong
Jhumpa Lahiri
Jonathon Franzen

My List, in no particular order:

Lawrence Block
Carl Hiaasen
Matt Ruff
Ed Greenwood
Jessica Rydill
Howard Zinn
Gary Jennings
Eduardo Galeano
Willie Perdomo
Patricia Smith

Not a single bit of overlap! Unless you count comic books, in which case I can claim Gaiman via 1602. And I think Salomé has some Cisneros. And I used to have all four of Adams' Hitchhiker's Trilogy. Yeah, count 'em.

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