Thursday, October 2, 2003

In other news...

Judge overturns ruling on Redskins nickname

"There is no evidence in the record that addresses whether the use of the term 'redskin(s)' in the context of a football team and related entertainment services would be viewed by a substantial composite of Native Americans, in the relevant time frame, as disparaging," she wrote.

[U.S. District Judge Colleen] Kollar-Kotelly also found that the activists waited too long to make their claims -- 25 years after the Redskins first registered their trademarks.

"In 1967, the NFL was still a nascent industry," she wrote. "Had this suit been brought at that point, Pro-Football [Inc., the company that owns the Redskins,] may have acquiesced and changed the name. The 25-year delay, where Pro-Football has invested so heavily in the marks, has clearly resulted in economic prejudice."

First of all, this assumes that Native Americans had the kind of political leverage 25 years ago that they do today.

And economic prejudice? She places the almighty dollar ahead of common sense and decency, saying that there's too much money at stake at this point to justify making them change their clearly offensive name, and has the nerve to refer to it as economic prejudice!?!? That's like Big Poppa E's laughable claim that wussy boys are like minorities fighting for their civil rights!

What the hell is wrong with this country?!?!