Thursday, February 5, 2004

Here's one for the conspiracy theorists: Bin Laden was captured (or at least located) a while ago and the Bushies are just waiting for the Democratic nominee to become official before trotting him out before the cameras a la Hussein and kneecapping their "failed war on terror" angle.

They're already painting Kerry as another Dukakis-style Massachussetts liberal and are going to skewer him over his state's gay marriage decision which he's too much of a slimy politican to even fully support. Kerry vs. Bush makes the election much closer than it needs to be.

On gay marriage, I just don't get all the fuss. If we truly had a separation of church and state, it wouldn't even be an issue as marriage, from the state perspective, is really nothing more than a legal contract between two people. Who cares if it's Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve, or Eve and Dana? It just shows the level of influence "the church" has in this country. And the whole "sanctity of marriage" defense is a pile of horseshit as the US has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Most people get married for stupid reasons and most of them have no qualms about getting a divorce when it doesn't work out. It really is a civil rights issue. These Democratic candidates that are waffling on it are simply copping out and better be ready to stake a stand because the Republicans are going to pull a Willie Horton on them.

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