Monday, February 23, 2004

Stayed home from work today and slept til 1pm after dropping the kids off. Watched Dr. Phil and Oprah after realizing our On-Demand wasn't working! Still tired.

Update on media bias in movie box-office reporting, here's how E! Online spun 50 First Dates' 47% drop-off from last weekend, despite having no major competition opening this weekend:

"First Dates" Still First
by Bridget Byrne, E! News Online

Although dropping 47 percent, 50 First Dates averaged a solid $5,814 per theater at 3,612 sites (21 more than its debut week) and has now grossed $72.3 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.
The "solid" per screen average was a mere $60.00 more than Barbershop 2 managed in its second weekend which was reported with a considerably less-positive spin. Barbershop 2, BTW, took in another $6.3 million this weekend (a 40% drop, on 482 less screens than last week; 1383 less than 50 First Dates), bringing its three-week total to an estimated $53 million, a pace that should easily exceed its predecessor's surprising $78 million take.

I'm just saying.

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