Sunday, February 15, 2004

Random rambling for no particular reason other than to kill the last 15 minutes between Shrek finishing and the kids getting in bed. Isaac's in a trance in front of the TV; India's wandering back and forth between rooms, not particularly impressed; Salomé's cranky from what feels like a longer day than possible, and I'd be in the same place if not for having the latest Presidential debate to give me something else to be cranky about.

John Kerry's the kind of candidate that makes voting inconvenient. He makes Howard Dean palatable. Dear Wisconsin: Please derail the bandwagon. I don't want to move to Canada.

It's been a Keira Knightley weekend as we watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and Bend It Like Beckham today. Loved them both. Thankfully, had no further epiphanies on life other than confirming the desire that my kids be able to chase whatever dream they may have, no matter how little I may understand it. Dear Future Guy: Remember, you were 27 before you started getting your shit together.

A-Rod traded to the Yankees and a payroll now exceeding $200 million? How beautiful will it be when the Yankees don't even make the World Series this year? Dear Boston Red Sox: Cowboy up!

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