Monday, May 3, 2004

Fun with Merriam-Webster.

con-tra-vene : The feeling that life is moving too slow and your kids are growing up too fast.

sur-re-al-is-tic: Your mother telling your wife about finding the lingerie catalogs you used to hoard as a teenager, believing it's true but not really remembering it happening.

stul-ti-fy: Between louderARTS and Urbana's combined 17 finals slots for 2004, there's only 14 people filling them; 8 of those have been on at least one national team, including several championships.

ad-um-brate: "On the eve of the rollout of the new commercials, Mr. Kerry flew home to Massachusetts on Sunday for a few hours of down time in his Beacon Hill townhouse, but wound up taking a tumble during a 20-mile bike ride and suffered a minor scrape on his arm." (NYT, May 3, 2004)

en-nui: The intense boredom with work that results in one looking up words in the dictionary, finding interesting synonyms and using them to justify a pointless journal entry.

PS: Go to and check out my reviews of everything from The Rundown to Isaac's first stroller. Rate whichever ones you read as helpful - the review of Slam is one of my favorites! - and bump me up the Reviewer's rankings. I'm currently tied for 13979th!

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