Wednesday, May 26, 2004

George Clooney's tattoos in From Dusk Til Dawn are among my all-time favorites.

I got my first tattoo well into my Twenties - a stylized bat, red and black, on my right upper arm - back in 1995 or 1996. Somewhere in Toms River after getting lost trying to find Seaside Heights where I'd never been but assumed was a good place to find a tattoo parlor. Myself and two friends had been talking about it for a couple of weeks and one of them finally decided she was ready so we headed south on the Parkway that following weekend. This was the same friend I'd moved to Miami Beach with years earlier who'd lasted two months shorter than I did. Not surprisingly, she ended up being the only one that left the parlor untouched that day, having lost her nerve after watching us get ours done.

The bat, a slightly modified version of one I picked out of the artist's portfolio, was actually my nod to Batman! Realizing I'd be seen as a total moron if I got the actual Bat symbol, I wanted something that would evoke the same idea for me when I looked at it but not be so obvious to others. Mission accomplished and, unlike many people and their first tattoos, I still like it to this day.

Salomé and I have been talking about getting new tattoos for a couple of years now, as well as fixing the ones we got on our honeymoon in Mexico. Mine, on my left upper arm, a tribalish band with her name bracketed in the middle, is smaller than I'd like it. The fact that I didn't have it go all the way around my arm seems especially lame now, too, but I wasn't up for that kind of pain. It was a purely spontaneous idea, too, and admittedly a little scary as we weren't sure how wise it was getting them done in tourist-ridden Cancun, in the midst of unsupervised teenagers getting roses and Tweety Birds scratched into their skin.

The pain wasn't really that bad - especially not compared to Salomé's who got her's at the base of her spine - and as I have a certain fascination with intense pain, it wasn't a big deal at all. But that part of your arm, underneath your bicep, is particularly sensitive and, from what I've heard, one of the more painful tattoos to get.

As a result, WHAT exactly I want to do with that one, I haven't really figured out yet. All that way around, for sure. Thicker, for sure. Repositioning Salomé's name, for sure. Perhaps a second, overlapping band in red?

Or, leave it alone for now and get a new one? What and where, though, is an even bigger quandry.

Since we've decided not to take a trip for this anniversary - our 6th! - we'll probably take care of our tattoos instead. That gives me seven weeks to figure it out.



Dyanna said...

I would not recommend getting any color on a tattoo for you. You're relatively dark, so it wouldnt show up as well as it would on a pasty person. Basically, it isn't worth it.

A friend of mine got this tattoo in Bali that is the shape of a turtle but from afar it looks like a tribal mask. F'in cool as all hell!

Also, perhaps incorporating Sal's name into something that she loves or her zodiac symbol could be cool. Or, why not add something with the names of the kids too? But maybe in another language or in a peculiar 'font' so that its more subtle and cool than ghetto fabulous, y'know?

I do agree if you're going to do a band of some sort, it should go all the way around, but if you do decide to go over or elaborate on the tattoos that you have, you should definitely shop around because some artists will just tell you what you want to hear, and not the truth. (that's why I didnt cover up the chinese symbol - its raised a little, and it would show through anyway, so I ended up going around it -I love it more now, but if it wasnt for the artist being honest with me, I would have covered it up.)

Hope this helps!

Dyanna said...

Not Bali...Bora Bora. But you get my drift...
and lastly, these are simplistic but may give you a gist of what I mean:

Anonymous said...

i don't know if you're superstitious but -
getting a band all the way around is considered very taboo. it is said that if you get one, say on your arm, you will not have that limb in the afterlife, next life, whatever. it "cuts" that part of you from you.

i know it probably sounds completely silly to you, but i ain't willing to take them chances. now, if the myth is wrong, fine. but if it's right, well...