Thursday, May 20, 2004

Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich.

[I want to make sure this gets picked up by any Google searches for these ignorant bastards.]

Yummy Sandwich is one of those "take-in" lunch services that corporations sign on with to keep you from wasting their time by leaving your desk and going outside for lunch. In their PowerPoint presentation, they break down the total time spent getting take-out (1 hour, 18 minutes) vs. ordering for delivery (1 hour, 38 minutes) vs. Yummy Sandwich (33 minutes).

They also annoyingly refer to the delivery "boy," a seemingly minor thing until you get to slide #17:

Why Yummy Sandwich?

Enhance tenant security and front desk management.
Yummy Sandwich means less outside food deliveries, fewer illegal immigrants in the building, a decrease in lobby traffic, and an overall decline in front desk disturbances.
Because all delivery "boys" are illegal immigrants, of course.

I so hate Corporate America today.


oscar said...

"Because all delivery "boys" are illegal immigrants, of course"... and, of ocurse, all illegal immigrants are terrorists.

more fucked than the condensing tone is how much money America is willing to squeeze out of 9/11

leading to this question; is the service more expensive if i get a blond blue eyed intern from nebraska or do i get a break if i dont mind somebody with a tan handing me my lunch?

Anonymous said...

Corporate America has not changed. Arrogant and ignorant... just the way I remember it! That comment about illegal immigrants is so outrageous that I had to read it twice!! It's those Stern B-School people that were just not good enough to go to a real B-School!! It figures!!

Anonymous said...

"Illegal" immigrants is such a hypocrisy in itself.
Half this country used to belong to Mexico!
What are you going to say? Go back where you came from?


Things like this can only be remedied with anonymous
envelopes filled baking powder and little notes saying
"Your chicken sandwich will soon come home to roost"

Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we watch your kids, we clean up your shit, we mow your lawns. Do NOT fuck with Us

viva la revolucion
-Caesar Chavez

Dyanna said...

But how ARE the sammiches?

No seriously...all immigrant comments aside, their presentation kinda blew in general. It's totally messed up with their calculations of how long it takes to figure out what you want to eat...also, who the fuck wants to have a sammich every day anyway? What I love is that they make it seem like it's an innovative idea, they do this in London a lot...

Dan Diaz said...

I went ahead and wrote the company an email basically saying they are morons. If anyone else is interested you can find their contact info using this link.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all crazy...I looked at the web site and found nothing wrong...sounds like your just stirring a pot of nonsense...

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

If you check my post on June 4, you'll see that Yummy Sandwich removed the offending reference from their presentation, possibly in response to losing my company's business. Since I don't recognize your name, I'm curious how you came across this post. Google, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Yummy Sandwich is a great company. You guys are totally out of line...I have a buddy who uses their service and he absolutely loves it. Oh' and I checked their site for this illegal immigrant talk...and I didn't find a thing! You guys need to get a new hobby besides picking on small, growing companies. Shame on you.