Monday, November 8, 2004

With this entry, or my last NaNoWriMo update, I will have written over 200,000 words in this and my couple of other Blogger journals. That's roughly the equivalent of a 700-page book!

It took 22 months of writing a little bit every day about a myriad of topics to get there, and yet I somehow think that I can generate 25% of that, on one topic, in 30 days?

NaNoWriMo Word Count, Day 7: 5,709 (-5,960)

My new favorite line, particularly when you get the subtext: "I swear that's been our team's problem all along," Damon shook his head. "We get the narcissists, they get the zombies."


On that note, I should probably throw out a disclaimer for the novel: Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is most likely entirely purposeful. It's a friggin' satire, dumbass!

In more serious news, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to go read David Grenier's essay, Don't Mourn, Organize, the absolute best post-election manifesto I've come across so far. If Anecdotal Evidence were already launched, this would be its feature article. As a matter of fact, if I can work it out with David, it will be.

A Change Is Gonna Come
Sam Cooke

Then I go to my brother
I say brother help me please
But he winds up knocking me
Back down on my knees

There's been times that I thought
I wouldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come
Oh, yes it will

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