Monday, November 1, 2004

All you fearful voters out there, especially the ones leaning towards Bush because you think Osama Bin Laden favors Kerry...remember, as it relates to foreign policy, specifically w/r/t to the Middle East, there is no significant difference between Bush and Kerry.

If that's your main concern, then you should just vote for Nader.

Al-Qaeda doesn't need to attack the US again to influence the elections because they've already succeeded in doing that. The fact that it's as close as it is the day before the election is proof that Americans have been sufficiently terrorized into not thinking clearly. The fact that we're [realistically] limited to choosing between Bush and Kerry, instead of Bush and Dean, or Bush and Kucinich, or even Nader as a legitimate 3rd option, is proof that the terrorists are winning.

If Bush wins tomorrow by any other means than outright theft, we've effectively surrendered, damning ourselves to four more years of fear and loathing. Kerry may be a lateral step in many ways, but Bush is without question two steps further back.

Voting for Bush is like volunteering to be a suicide bomber, only without the instantaneous death. Or the payoff for your family.


Anonymous said...

i triple dare you or matthew you vote for bush. I'll give you 5 dollars or a drinkity drink. Let's see just how left wing your old school socilialism, it's way darker before the dawn rhetoric is....
ooh yeah!

-little john....

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

What exactly would my voting for Bush prove? Other than that I'm a moron? As compromises go, I'm relatively satisfied with my vote for Kerry bolstering the WFP's future prospects.