Sunday, October 31, 2004

National Novel Writing Month begins in 45 minutes - as I start writing this - and, in lieu of a solid idea of my own, I'm going to work with the one suggestion you lame-o's managed to offer me...

I challenge you to write a novel, set in post-apocalyptic (or post election)world. It has to be written in the second person.from the perspective of A-rod's daughter, oh...and it has to have zombies
Thank you, Diane Roy. Wacko!

50,000 words in a month is roughly 1,666 words/day, twice as long as the longest poem I've ever written! Also, 1/3 longer than the first chapter of my less than less than stellar attempt last year. With one-inch margins all around, that's approx 5 pages, depending on the ratio of exposition to dialogue.

WTF am I thinking!?!?

12 minutes and counting...

If you're so inclined, you can track my progress here.

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Matthew Charles Siegel said...

Dude, that shit is hilarious (the A-Rod Zombie novel). I can't wait to see how you plan on pulling this off. Also, I think that the anecdotal evidence idea is great...I'd love to send some pieces your way to see if I can make the cut. Glad to see that you're keeping yourself busy, and putting that mind to use. Hope everything's good with you....I'll probably make it out on Wednesday to catch your set. See ya soon...MCS