Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Pumpkin Seeds: Same Old Song Edition

1. If circumstance dictates action, then overindulging on video games and fantasy sports is the married man's equivalent of late nights and loose women.

2. I'm George Bailey-tired but there's no Mr. Potter to tempt me, no Uncle Billy to screw me, and no Bedford Falls to reassure me.

3. There's millions of stories about people moving to the "big city" to pursue their dreams, but very few about the reverse commute -- and even then, it's usually a homecoming as opposed to a journey into the unknown.

4. Life in New York City is like running on a treadmill: You'll stay in shape, but you won't actually go anywhere, and one misstep will put you on your ass.

5. I'd rather be poor than average.

6. "How?" is more productive but "Why?" is always more compelling.

7. "It's not always rainbows and butterflies / It's compromise that moves us along..." - Maroon 5


nina said...

if by reverse commute you mean people who live in the city but work in the suburbs, that would be my life and i just wrote a poem about it recently.

if you mean people going to the suburbs to pursue their life dreams (better life for their kids...etc.), that's the poetry of the everyday and not enough people write about it

Eliel Lucero said...

Please realize that quoting Maroon 5 is teen bopper wrong. Realize, they suck! What is it with that damn band that you are so stuck on?

Diane said...

ummmm....I can understand why you might mistake Maroon 5 for being a teenybopper band, because all their members are well.....hot, but don't hate them 'cause they're beautiful. They rule AND they ROCK! By the way neither screaming or being unintelligable make you a good band. I would have never known that "Fell in Love With a Girl" was a cool song until Joss Stone slowed it down. It was she (who's not even that great, just in key and intelligible) that got me to pay more attention to the White Stripes. N sync is teeny bopper, 98 degrees is teeny bopper, hillary duff is teeny bopper. If M5 was teeny bopper they would have made it farther up the charts a long time ago......and they wouldn't have been bleeped for racy lyrics. Their tunes just happen to be catchy. Maybe if they muffled their voices and sang like they had frogs in their throats they'd be cool? Being in accessible for the sake of inaccessibility is simply elitist and bougie.
It's pop for the lovelorn artist. It ain't zeppelin but it aint teeny bopper

2 cents in the cup

Anonymous said...

Watch your mouth. I will cut you.

Dyanna said...

Adam and the drummer are really the only cute ones. (I just thought that had to be said.) Overall though, M5 are young guys that work hard and I believe their album was out for over a year before Harder to Breathe even cracked the top 20. Either way, I think they have a teenybopper following but they are not 'fluff'.

That said, aint nuthin' wrong with a little fluff once in awhile - M5 is just not that.