Monday, October 25, 2004

Thanks to my reviews on - where I'm currently ranked 8345, and climbing - I've been offered a free copy of Ernesto Quiñonez' new book, Chango's Fire by his publisher's marketing department. As Amazon has firmly established itself as THE online bookstore, it's reviews have become more and more influential, with some places even selling mailing lists for their Top 1000 Reviewers for marketing efforts!

I was kind of surprised at the offer as my review of his first novel, Bodega Dreams, wasn't exactly glowing and Publisher's Weekly's review of Chango suggests it has many of the same flaws.

Nevertheless, I'll give it a fair read, hoping for the best. Certainly won't help that it's a hardcover and I hate reading hardcovers.

If you haven't already - and I KNOW most of you haven't! - check out my reviews and give me some more "helpful" votes to boost my reviewer rank and get me some more free books to review! Be sure to check out my very first review, and still one of my favorites, for the movie SLAM. ;-)

Also, backtrack a couple of entries and hit me with some suggestions for my National Novel Writing Month challenge. If I go with your suggestion, maybe I'll cast you as one of the characters in the story!

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Diane said...

I challenge you to write a novel, set in post-apocalyptic (or post election)world. It has to be written in the second person.from the perspective of A-rod's daughter, oh...and it has to have zombies

think you can handle it?