Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mixed Emotions

We didn't get the house. While we were apparently "one of the better offers," the winning offer was "substantially higher." I'm guessing that means at least $5k above our offer, if not more, so great for the seller - a nice old guy who'll now be able to retire comfortably and spend his time painting - and back to square one for us.

While I'm disappointed, I'm also relieved that we didn't get sucked into bidding higher than we did and potentially paying more than the house was worth; "worth," of course, being relative. I am curious, though.

I've always been a pretty lucky person for whom things generally seem to work out for in the end so, c'est la vie and on to Plan B. Anyone have any leads on a good no-fee 2-3BR apartment on the Upper West Side?

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