Friday, April 29, 2005

Speedos or Bust!

Well, not literally. No matter what shape you're in, unless you're an Olympic swimmer in the middle of a competition, Speedos are unseemly and a bit vulgar. The male equivalent of camel toe.

Nevertheless, I've finally started hitting the gym again and am trying to get back into shape. Thanks to the flu a month or so ago, I lost about 12 pounds, most of which I kept off after I got better. Now my goal is to drop another 10 of the 40 pounds I've gained since I've been married, and tone everything up that's gotten soft over that time.

I'm only going twice a week so far, following my customized Army workout with some Nautilus and the elliptical thingee thrown in, but want to try for 3/week, at least on alternating weeks. Nothing makes the work day go faster than a midday workout and a nice hot shower!

Deadline: May 31

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