Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Our First Pet

Isaac has figured out why we've been looking at houses the past month or two, and has now started making plans. He's looking forward to "big boy school" which means five months of "When do I start big boy school?" At first he was into the idea of having his own room, but last night he decided he still wanted to share a room with India. And that they should get bunk beds, with him on the top, with a guardrail to make sure he doesn't fall out.

And he wants a dog.

So do I. :-)

Not sure what kind, though. Has to be one that is good around kids, that can handle some rough-housing without biting back. When I was around 18 months old, I bit my cousin's German Shephard puppy, Leo, hard on the nose and he never forgot or forgave. Until he was finally put to sleep 16 years later, whenever he saw me he'd go crazy and try to attack. They had to keep him in the backyard or the basement whenever I came over.

I can totally see India biting a dog.

Part of me wants something cute, like a Beagle or Basset Hound or Boston Terrier. A while back we saw a Basenji - pictured, the "African barkless dog"! - but I doubt we'd ever find one in a shelter, which is a must. I wouldn't ever buy a dog from a pet store, and giving $500 or more to a breeder seems like some crazy Nazi shit. Who cares about a purebreed? Certainly not my mixed ass!

Another thing is whether it should be an inside or outside dog. There's appealing things about both, though up north, it couldn't be outside year-round anyway. I'm not feeling those doggie doors people in the suburbs have, either, paranoid that a raccoon or a skunk will wander in the house one night and scare the shit out of me.

I want a cat, too. As much as I like dogs, I consider myself more of a cat person. They're more independent and generally self-sufficient whereas dogs are like kids and two kids are enough for me! Salomé hates cats, though, so it'd probably have to live in the attic with my comic books, which isn't really cool. Depending on the house, of course.

As for the house, we've started to waver a bit on the one we saw Sunday. We still like it but the couple of flaws are looming larger and larger and my mother brought up a couple of other potential issues we'll have to look into so, if nothing else, the most we're now willing to pay for it is $15k less than they're asking, an unlikely successful bid in what is undeniably a seller's market. So it's still a consideration, it's just not as compelling as it was on Sunday. Which, in itself, is a scary thought as the whole concept of "buyer's remorse" has been sitting on my shoulders ever since the mortgage was approved. If we're second-guessing houses to bid on, how the hell are we going to feel once we've actually bought one?


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Dyanna said...

You'll never feel that slumped shoulders feeling once you see the 'perfect Gonzalez house' (whatever that may include) - I felt like that after seeing probably my 15th house, and then it was like the heavens opened up when we saw our house. It HAD to be ours.

In regards to doggies, if you dont care about getting a puppy, you may want to consider a seeing-eye reject like us.... the waiting list is like, 2 years long, though. :-( but the good thing is that the dog is of great breeding and its already well trained!