Friday, May 20, 2005 email

If you've written me there in the past three or four weeks - possibly even a bit longer - I haven't received it because I haven't checked the account in at least that long. It gets tons of spam and once I let more than 2-3 days pass without checking it, as I did a while back, it gets out of hand. Like more than 1000 spam emails/week kind of "out of hand." Lord only knows how much is in there right now and whenever I get around to checking it again, I'm just going to delete the whole shebang.

If you've written me there (or, inexplicably, left a comment on my LiveJournal account) and haven't received a response, write me again at my Yahoo! address instead. (Yes, I know, smartasses! That's no guarantee that I'll respond, but at least I'll know you wrote and be able to feel guilty about it!)

FYI: Comments on this blog go to my Yahoo! account, and have been since I started blogging again last month. My Gmail account is specifically for my comic book-related stuff, both CBC and Buzzscope.

Seacrest out!

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