Thursday, May 19, 2005

Softball, Comics and Vacations

1) Tomorrow night is our first softball game, over at the Coleman Oval Playground, near the Manhattan Bridge. (F train to East Broadway) Starts @ 7:15pm. Come out and cheer me on if you're in the neighborhood. (And bring some beer!) I'll be wearing #2, but don't dare call me Derek Jeter! Since no Met player wears #2 - oddly, less than one-third of the major league teams have a player wearing it - I've decided I'll be representing Alex Sanchez of the Tampa Devil Rays, the knucklehead who had the honor of being the first major leaguer snagged under the new steroids policy! Plus, he's Cuban, and he's on my fantasy team. My other choice was #23, and that's just too closely associated with Michael Jordan, whom I despise more than the entire Yankee team combined.

1a) Subway Series: Mets sweep! Bet on it. I did.*

2) I'm going to be representing Buzzscope at the Wizard World Philadelphia comics convention next month. Media pass and all! It'll be my first big comics show - Big Apple Con's really just a big flea market - and I'm planning to hit a few panels, work the floor, put some faces to names and, hopefully, make some good contacts. Kinda hard to believe how fast this has all progressed, but I'm loving it. The steady writing has been a great boost, too, as it's getting the juices flowing for the more creative stuff as I plan to hit a few open mics over the next month or two, possibly even next week's Nerd Slam. (Ahem, Shappy... Get back to me on that!)

3) We need a vacation badly! We're heading down to my mother's for a week next month, and then Salomé and I are hoping to get away for a long weekend for our anniversary in July. Maybe New Orleans? I still have that travel voucher from my trip to Colorado earlier this year, so we're definitely not going somewhere within driving distance! Anybody have some Nawlins recommendations?

*Actually, I just bet they'd take the series, not necessarily sweep. Nevertheless, here where it costs me nothing, I'm predicting SWEEP!!!!


Dyanna said...

Is today's game a 'rain or shine' event? heh.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

As of right this minute, the game's still on. We'll see...

And I totally screwed up on the Nerd Slam. It was LAST night, not next Thursday. :-(