Sunday, May 22, 2005

Take THAT, Jeter...

When is a three-run home run for the lead not a three-run home run for the lead? When a guy hits one in our corporate softball league.

I haven't hit a home run since before I got my first driver's permit more than 20 years ago, so it was rather annoying when my first at bat of the season was spoiled by one of the more ridiculous attempts at leveling the playing field I've ever come across. It wasn't more than a split second as the electric feeling traveled from my hands through my arms and up to my brain only to be processed as, "Shit! A home run out." Nevertheless, it was nice - a line drive over the left field fence. Went 1-for-2 overall with a single in my other at bat.

It was a similar mix on the field where I ironically ended up playing shortstop with a couple of great plays and a couple of ugly errors. Unlike the home run out, there was no moral victory in the errors. Just plain ugly. But my best play, a diving stop, scrambling off my ass and firing to first to end the inning, was downright purty.

Ultimately, thanks to a pitcher who couldn't get the ball over the plate - in SLOW pitch softball! - we got whipped 13-2 over 5 innings, before the game was called on account of darkness. Dude walked the first FIVE batters, and at least 10 more over the rest of the game!!! Our team name, "The Bad News," ended up being prophetic, as was the other team's - Thunder.

It was definitely fun, though. And now, I'm sore as hell since I didn't bother to stretch beforehand and every single muscle hurts. It's a good hurt, though, the kind that comes from exercise. And fun.

Meanwhile, the Mets currently have a 3-0 lead over the Yankees after 4.5 innings, so it's looking like I have a free lunch coming tomorrow. Have to be sure to eat a light dinner tonight!

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