Saturday, December 10, 2005

I've Been Infected

(Actually, a few days ago, but work's been kicking my ass this week.) This is the blog version of a chain letter Salomé "infected" me with. The point is to state 10 random things about yourself and "infect" ten others.

Here we go...

1) Despite the former poetry series, editing Buzzscope, and my apparently good reputation at work (see #2), I am one of the most disorganized people I know. My desk is almost always buried under piles of papers, most relating to jobs in various stages of incompletion.

2) I can't take a compliment. Makes me feel awkward and I never know how to respond. I'd much rather argue! As a result, I'm not so good at giving compliments, either. :-(

3) Despite my relatively liberal political beliefs, in many ways, I'm much more of a conservative.

4) If I won the lottery for a significant amount of money, after taking care of our basic needs - house and debt, mainly - I'd go into publishing, an eclectic mix of poetry, genre fiction and comics...and open a store/café to sell it all out of.

5) I have a habit of pinch/squeeze/rubbing my nose which I've recently wondered whether it was considered stimming.

6) I take India to school every morning on the subway on the way to work, and I love the smiles she puts on people's faces in the morning. I also like that it's an hour she and I share together, not really doing anything, but simply that we're together.

7) Isaac in Catholic School is becoming a bit annoying with the amount of unassailable religion he's being taught. How do you counter something like "Mary is the mother of us all" when it's being taught so matter-of-factly?

8) While Salomé believes her best feature is her hair, and just about everyone else would say it's her ass, while both are great, it's actually her smile that gets me the most. Unfortunately, I don't get to see it often enough some days. :-(

9) I just confirmed our NY Comic-Con after-party, one of our guests of honor, and may have snagged a panel session during the Con itself for PopCultureShock (aka Buzzscope). We are going to make a big splash on the scene next year. If only it were my day job!

10) All these years, a wife and two kids later, I'm still a night owl, much more effective after 3pm and into the wee hours than I am during the day. Note the time of this post!

As for infecting others, I'm not going to name 10 people, but I will poke Erech and RAC, as I'm curious whether or not they read this blog!