Thursday, February 13, 2003

Ask and ye shall be told. I checked with a colleague of mine at Refuse and Resist about what was up with the Lincoln Center event and here's the deal:

"The sponsoring group for the event is Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience (you can see it at, and any money raised will go towards printing the statement in publications around the country. it has already appeared in 45 newspapers or magazines here and internationally, some of which have been paid ads, paid for by donations from people who have seen earlier ads. No one is being paid for their work on event, including the poets...

We chose Avery fisher because it was the only venue of sufficient size we could find in 3 days to hold what we hope is an overflow big crowd, and had sufficient weight to help put this event in the national headlines, so that it actually has the most impact possible in stopping this terrible course this government is dragging us down. As of this afternoon the news of the event is appearing in the CNN crawl underneath Bush emerging from Air Force One. It's also on AP wire and was heard on 1010 news this morning."

So it's all good. I stressed to her the importance of making this clearer on the promotional materials they're sending out so that there's no confusion. Again, I hope it all goes well and makes people take notice. If the random three or four of you that read this journal can make it, do so.

Peace. Literally.

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