Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, being back to work is certainly making it hard to get to this journal!

Readjusting - AGAIN! - has been rough and it didn't help that I stayed out so late on Monday night after the show. We ended a bit late as it was but afterwards, Jerry Quickley was in town for the night before heading to Iraq the next day to shoot a documentary about the effects of the US sanctions and bombings. That's one brave MF who truly walks the walk in everything he does. Needless to say, we all got a little toasted and I got home at 2:30am! This was right after Oscar and I got pulled over two blocks from the building by a cop looking for weed.

Anyway, I was wrecked the next morning. Not the best feeling on your second day at the job! To make it even worse, we had a little department lunch to get to know each other. The lunch was great, as was the company, but I was so dead-ass tired it was ridiculous. I'm getting too old for that stuff. Gotta slow it down a bit. I'll be glad when the smoking ban goes into effect which will take away one vice.

Besides that, though, the job is going well. It's straight marketing which is wonderful. A little creativity in one's job is a good thing. It's a nice office ALL the way downtown, up on the 25th floor which is a new high. Back to a cubicle but it's not cramped so it's okay. All my stuff is still in storage down in Virginia so I haven't really been able to personalize it, though I'll never top the "playroom" I had at American Express.

We've got a special seminar early tomorrow morning at our office on Broadway, a couple of blocks from "Ground Zero." Gonna be weird that it's my first time down there since 9/11. Have kind of avoided the area since, same way I haven't been to College Avenue since the homestead burnt down. I was never a big fan of the towers from an architectural viewpoint - my 5th grade report on the Empire State Building cemented that feeling - but there's no question I always felt its presence when I was down there and can't imagine it being gone. I think tomorrow will really drive home whatever feelings I've been avoiding about the whole thing.

That's enough rambling for now. Have a busy weekend and I'm already starting to get a little nervous about my reading on the 11th. More on that later.

PS: Couldn't get through on any of my protest calls today! Busy signals and "all circuits are busy" messages. Hope that means plenty of other people got heard.

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