Sunday, February 9, 2003

Dear Dad,

It's been awhile. Haven't spoken since before we left for Virginia. Guess you were right about that one, hunh? Or not. Depends on how you look at things.

Anyway, I've been thinking recently about how much I haven't thought about the fact that we haven't talked in a long stretch. Wouldn't be terribly remarkable given our track record if not for the kids. Remember them?

India Deama and Isaac Daniel GonzalezThey're doing well. The one on the left is India. She was born while we were in Virginia, on October 4, 2002. Not sure if you knew that or not. She's four months old now, getting bigger every day and developing quite the personality. Oh, thanks again for the outfits you sent from Taiwan. The smaller one should fit in another couple of months.

Isaac's turned into quite the little boy since you saw him last. He's two years old now. He really blossomed while we were down in Virginia. I think having the space to roam made a big difference. Spending the summer on the beach was certainly a good experience for him. We had a great party for him and Salomé's parents and a lot of our friends came down for it. Figured you wouldn't be able to make it so we didn't want to make you feel awkward by sending an invitation.

Don't worry, though; neither of them knows anything about you so they're not particularly disappointed about not seeing you. If you ever do get time in between trips to Taiwan to visit - or even call! - feel free to stick with the Uncle Frankie ruse. Gilbert and Dan have the grandpa thing well covered and I know how you feel about getting older.

Hope the new wife and kid (sorry, I just don't want to mangle their names) are doing well. Must be an interesting adjustment to raising a kid past three years old! Maybe one of these days we'll talk about it over drinks. Or not. It's up to you, really.

Your son

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