Tuesday, February 18, 2003

"Third time's a charm," is how the saying goes. I hope so since I had my third interview in seven days this afternoon! It was a final interview with the one person in the department I hadn't met yet and it's apparently come down to me and one other person. Relatively confident in the interviews but who knows? They've already started checking my references which is a good sign. Cross your fingers.

It's a return to publishing but, ironically, it's FINANCIAL magazines this time! This would be the first time I'd actually known a magazine prior to working for it. It's a bit more marketing than circulation this time around, which would be great, and it's four magazines, a few newsletters and some web sites, which should keep things interesting.

I think I've hit the point where I need to stay with a job for AT LEAST two years. The bouncing around I've done the past - OH MY GOD! - nine and a half years since I left the Army has been great for gaining experience but it's turned my resume into a Stephen King novel. The last five years - non-profits, magazines, freelance writer, FINANCE?!?! - finally forced me to switch over to a functional resume to downplay the seeming randomness. At the risk of jinxing things, this company has a lot of room to move and the job seems like it has enough meat to it to keep me interested for a while. The three women in the department all seem cool and are relatively young so I'll hopefully connect with them better than the last magazine I was at. (No offense, Harvey, but it was kind of a dull office and even YOU didn't hang out with them much!)

On a related note, we drove around the Bedford Park area of the Bronx this weekend, checking out where we'll hopefully be living by the beginning of the summer! This job, should I get it, might start as soon as next Monday. That'd put us much closer to the Bronx, perhaps by May?


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