Sunday, November 16, 2003

For those that believe[d] the War On Iraq was in the name of fighting terrorism, I wonder if they're feeling any safer these days? I wonder if they still believe that "supporting our troops" means blindly accepting whatever our government says? I wonder if they actually know anyone whose life has been put on the line, or already lost, because of their silence? I wonder if they regret denouncing those that spoke out from the beginning as "unAmerican?"

I hope they cannot sleep at night.

U.S. casualties from Iraq war top 9,000

In addition to the 397 service members who have died and the 1,967 wounded, 6,861 troops were medically evacuated for non-combat conditions between March 19 and Oct. 30, the Army Surgeon General's office said.

That brings total casualties among all services to more than 9,200, and represents an increase of nearly 3,000 non-combat medical evacuations reported since the first week of October. The Army offered no immediate explanation for the increase.

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