Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Last cigarette: One week ago. A Newport while at Acentos.
Last big car ride: This past June, to VA and back, getting our stuff out of storage.
Last kiss: Quick one this morning, better one last night.
Last good cry: Not recently enough.
Last library book checked out: What's a library? Last one I bought was Prayer for America.
Last movie seen: Bones, on DVD. (I feel like I'm wearing dirty underwear on the day I get hit by a car!)
Last beverage drank: Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
Last food consumed: JalapeƱo & Cheddar Bagel w/Cream Cheese.
Last crush: My wife was the last serious one.
Last phone call: Last one made? Geez, I owe several people a call, don't I?
Last TV show watched: Other than channel surfing, Smallville.
Last time showered: 4 hours ago.
Last shoes worn: Aldo 3/4 black leathers. Every day.
Last CD played: All on Random/Shuffle - Stripped, Christina Aguilera; Justified, Justin Timberlake; Greatest Hits, Lenny Kravitz; Can't Take Me Home, Pink; Whoa, Nelly!, Nelly Furtado; Def Jam Greatest Hits, Various.
Last item bought: Bagel.
Last annoyance: My boss, 10 minutes ago, asking me how to do something I've explained multiple times over the past four months!
Last disappointment: The end of a long-term friendship.
Last soda drank: Good-O Champagne Kola.
Last ice cream eaten: Ben & Jerry's Coffee for a Change.
Last time scolded: Last Wednesday.
Last website visited: Victor Infante's LiveJournal

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