Saturday, November 1, 2003

Times when it's okay to lie to your kids:

#17: Because you can't go to Chuck E. Cheese every day!
#31: If you don't, they will eat all of the candy. Then, demand more.

Halloween was fun, though, as expected, no Hollywood insanity broke out. There were some insane parents, though, as well as some fun costumes, kids and adults alike. Isaac's turned out to be one of the best ones there and didn't have the misfortune of being one of fifty other kids in a cheap Batman outfit. (Side note: Homemade costumes are a much better option to ending up looking like everyone else, and can be very cool if done right, ie: Liberty MacMillan. Helps to have an adorable kid, too!)

Check out the coat. I'd cut Frankenstein out and wear it if it fit me!

Click on the picture for more. :-)

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