Tuesday, November 4, 2003

From the "Maybe there's hope" file, there's a great Kucinich profile/interview in the latest Rolling Stone:

Your candidacy seems to be built on the idea that the people are looking for another New Deal-type program. But the New Deal didn't happen until the country was mired in a depression. Do you think things have really gotten that bad now?

When you consider that most Americans are maxed out on their credit cards, when you consider that most Americans are no longer guaranteed employment security, when you consider how many pension funds are going belly up, when you look at the corruption on Wall Street and the failure of the SEC to police Wall Street, when you consider that major corporations are cheating their stockholders -- last year 250 corporations restated their earnings, lied about their earnings . . . we have a system that's being run in a way that closely resembles a criminal enterprise.
Also, tonight on CNN is the Rock the Vote debate. The debate is the first to specifically target younger voters and the site has some cool features to compare the candidates on the issues, as well as to submit questions for the debate itself.

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