Monday, December 8, 2003

Blogger/Google have come up with some ridiculous banner ads for my journal in the past but this one takes the cake:

Why use maquiladoras?

It links to a company called Made In Mexico, Inc., which eagerly offers the following information:

* The entry-level wage for low-level jobs in Mexico is approximately 25% of the hourly wage paid to workers in the U.S., which nets you enormous cost savings.

* Mexico's standard work-week of 48 hours yields unbeatable speed of production without the financial drain of overtime pay.

* Fast, easy startup with little capital investment turns projects that would be cost-prohibitive in the U.S. into lucrative possibilities.

* Tijuana's close proximity to the U.S. border eases time constraints and transportation costs.

* With wholly owned, cost-plus shelter and subcontracting maquiladora options available through Made In Mexico, Inc., you can have as much or as little involvement with the administrative and labor-related responsibilities of your Mexican operation as you desire.

Maquiladora: (mäkelädo´rä ) n. Synonymous with Mexico manufacturing, maquiladoras are Mexican assembly plants that manufacture finished goods for export. Maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations that take advantage of low-cost Mexican labor, advantageous tariff regulations, and close proximity to U.S markets. Maquiladoras are one of Mexico primary sources of foreign exchange.
I fucking despise capitalism!

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