Thursday, December 4, 2003

In solidarity with the Borders workers who are attempting to unionize, I'm unlinking my wish list over on the right for the time being.

From workers at Borders Books in Ann Arbor:

Workers at Borders Books store #1 in Ann Arbor, MI are on strike as of Saturday, November 8, at 9:00 AM. We do not take this step lightly. By striking, we hope to convince Borders Management to negotiate with us in good faith so we can reach a fair contract and return to our jobs.

We are writing to ask you to support us by:

1. boycotting all Borders, Waldenbooks, and;
2. signing an online petition: Borders Readers
3. calling Borders Headquarters (734-477-1100) to tell them you support us;
4. forwarding this message to all your friends and colleagues!
5. leafleting at a Borders near you (email us at and we’ll find you help!)

If you’re near Ann Arbor, you can also support us by:

1. volunteering to picket with workers in front of the store! (9am-11pm M-Sa, 9am-9pm Sun)
2. joining Borders Readers United, our community support coalition (email for info)

In solidarity and thanks,
Borders Workers Union Organizing Committee

Complete information, updates, and pictures at:
If you want more info on what's happening, check this site out, too:

And remember, instead of turning to Barnes & Noble, which has its own set of issues to deal with, there's, the independent bookstore alternative. Workers unite!

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