Monday, September 20, 2004

Could THIS be the promised land?

One of the major problems with the previous list of cities, as Omar alludes to in his comment, is how overwhelmingly white most of them are, and completely lacking any Latino flavor.

Diversity, yet another thing living in NY spoils you for!

It's particularly difficult in our situation as we both want to live in/around a Latino commmunity and 81% of the US' Hispanic population is from south of the border (67% Mexican, 14% Central/South American). No disrepect to Chicanos (I still love Salma and Shakira!)1 but there's a huge difference between us, culturally-speaking, which eliminates California and Texas as possibilities. Basically, we're limited to Hudson County, NJ, Miami and Chicago!

Bethlehem, PA looks like an interesting option, though; on paper, at least. Anyone out there familiar?

1[EDIT: Per Salomé, Shakira's Colombian. Whoops!]


Earl said...

Ever been to Lancaster City, PA?

Rich said...

Oye, folks, wise up.

You honestly think either of you would be happy away from a major metropolis? Bethlehem, my ass. When the best thing a town has going for it is its proximity to Easton and Allentown...that means ISSUES.

And what the f#&*? Wyoming? Naples, FL? Come off the ledge now. LOL

The big drawback to this area is the overpriced friggin real estate. We know this. But. This is the price one pays for living in an overcrowded area. I dunno, blame the colonizers and their shoddy ass city planning.

North Bergen. Union City. Fairview, even. These are probably your best bets, unless you truly want to escape the crazy life. I could reasonably bet you'd miss it quick though.

OR! You might try looking somewhere off the Palisades Parkway. You can buy on a semi-secluded property, pay taxes for decent schools, and be 20 minutes from Washington Heights if you or the kiddies need an emergency chimichurri.

AND! If you really want the kids exposed to Latino me a guest room and I'll be their walking culture guru.

"Kids...can you say 'habichuela?'"

Rich said...

Oh and Miami? It's nice. I like it. But hella expensive. And I'm told they don't take kindly to Kucinich voters in those parts. :-P

Dyanna said...

Hey man, there's a house for sale on my block. Dude, everyone is so nice over here its SICK. Also, Elizabeth is not even 5 miles away (lots of Puerto Ricans) and there are carnicerias an' shit. Also the heart of Union Township is very mixed.

If y'all moved onto this particular block we would have 1 Columbian, 1 Dominican, 1 Cuban and a Guy! Yes, I know I would be there but I'm sure you could get over that. HA!