Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry: 45 minutes into the debate...Bush is winning.

Kerry's trying to appeal to logic while Bush is focused on emotion.

If this were boxing, Kerry is the technically-proficient pugilist with a steady jab, who writes essays on the sweet science for the New Yorker. Bush is the street brawler who can barely spell his name but packs a powerful right hook and is always on the Sportscenter highlights.

Kerry is the dancer, jabbing and dodging, waiting for the optimal moment; Bush is the bruiser, pounding away at the body.

...and now it's done and my opinion is unchanged. Bush did what he needed to do, Kerry didn't.


Tony said...

What's so sad about it is that Kerry actually appealed to me tonight personally more than he ever has -- and yet, I think you're right; W is going to take this one.

O, Canada...

Dyanna said...

I felt the same way until about the halfway point - then I thought the tides turned. Kerry got some good points in, seemed more comfortable in his skin and INHO, in he end came out victorious.

Earl said...

Kerry was definitely more articulate than Bush. I think that's the only thing he had going for him. In one particular instance, he blamed the President for the subway system in NYC being shut down during the RNC. Very well eloquated, but unfortunately for Mr. Kerry, no such thing happened. Trains were stopped and searched from time to time, but the whole thing was never completely shut down.

Honestly, it's hard to listen to Bush thorugh the long pauses and the "um-uh"s, which is probably only telling of my own impatience.

One down, two to go.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Kerry's performance most likely comforted those already leaning his direction, that might otherwise simply not bother to vote. I don't think he gained any significant ground with those on the fence, though, or those on the sidelines who see no reason to vote for either of them. That translates into a victory for Bush who simply has to hold his ground and not do anything glaringly stupid. With the bar set for him as low as it is, that's going to pretty hard to do.

philwest said...

You've got to be kidding me.

I think the "Faces of Frustration" video that the DNC has already cut from last night's debate is this year's equivalent of Gore's sighing during the 2000 debate. Foreign policy is supposed to be Bush's strength, and he has already lost a few points to Kerry on being stronger on defense. Bush did himself no favors last night, and Kerry looked so much Presidential.

I'm still not in love with his policies on Iraq, but I think he picked up some traction and did a good job of selling the point about "fresh leadership" and "new credibility." And Bush saying he knows about how hard it is in Iraq because he has "seen it on his TV screen" is the fattest fucking down-the-middle fastball I've heard either candidate give in weeks.

Also, as Andrew Sullivan pointed out, "No President presiding over Abu Ghraib should refer to putting anyone on a leash."