Friday, September 24, 2004

While Batman, and I guess Moon Knight, would be the most obvious alter egos, neither was a Legionnaire...

You're...Timber Wolf!
You're Brin Londo, Timber Wolf!

Which Legionnaire are you?
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It's been years since I've read a Legion book so I'm not sure how on the mark this is, but the description works for me. Interestingly, the latest issue of Teen Titans, #16, sets the stage for a new Legion of Superheroes series that looks like it might be fun. They always struck me as a bit cheeseball, what with names like Lightning Lad and Karate Kid, but the creative duo of Mark Waid and Barry Kitson have a good reputation, particularly with futuristic stuff, so I'll check it out.

The magic continues in Ex Machina #4 as the new mayor deals with the not-so-random murder of snowplow drivers during a major blizzard and the furor over a controversial painting in a municipally-funded museum, a la BMA's Sensation exhibit and "The Holy Virgin Mary" painting a few years back. Instead of simply changing names, though, Brian K. Vaughn puts his own spin on the situation and the painting in question becomes a portrait of Abraham Lincoln with the word "N I G G E R" scrawled across it in red paint. And the artist is a young, dreadlocked white girl. Provocative, to say the least, and I love the way Vaughn deals with it. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics.

PS: Why on Smallville's season premiere did they feel the need to use a Pamela Anderson-ish body double for Kristin Kreuk/Lana Lang's shower scene? Kreuk is one of the most adorable actresses on TV with a lithe, slender build that looks nothing like the obviously-implanted stand in they used. Cheap thrill for the fanboys? I blame Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner for it. Bottom-feeding dumbasses.

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