Monday, April 19, 2004

In Triplicate
(inspired by revolutionaryscum and javabill)

Three things I am wearing right now
1) my grandfather's ring
2) a pocket watch
3) pair of silver hoop earrings

Three things on my desk
1) several pictures of my family
2) "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas" sign
3) paperwork for eight in-progress projects

Three things I want to do before I die
1) write and publish three novels
2) live outside of the U.S.
3) inspire my children

Three bad things about my personality
1) stubborn
2) ruthless
3) impatient

Three good things about my personality
1) passionate
2) loyal
3) independent

Parts of my heritage
1) New York City
2) Puerto Rico
3) Louisiana

Three places I want to go to
1) Isla Mujeres
2) San Cristobal de las Casas
3) New Orleans

Three nicknames I had/have
1) Gonzo
2) Lil' Gonz
3) Geezer

Three screen names I had/have
1) loudpoet
2) glecharles
3) anomalous

Three people I miss
1) Isaac LeCharles Harper
2) Anthony
3) My inner child

Three web sites that people may not know about
3) Worldstock

Three visual artists I like
1) Edvard Munch
2) Bill Sienkiewicz
3) Will Rafuse

Three books I like
1) Fool on the Hill, Matt Ruff
2) When the Sacred Ginmill Closes, Lawrence Block
3) Children of the Shaman, Jessica Rydill

Three women that belong on Mount Rushmore
1) Sojourner Truth
2) Margaret Sanger
3) Eleanor Roosevelt

Three corporations that should be destroyed
1) Monsanto
2) Wal-Mart
3) The US Department of Defense

Three people (living or dead) to invite to my dream dinner party
1) Carl Jung
2) Mary Harris (aka Mother Jones)
3) George W. Bush

Three lines about me (haiku)
the taste in my mouth
is not nearly as bitter
as you'd like to think

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