Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Pumpkin Seeds

1. There's something about the concept of The Swan that really turns my stomach.

2. If George Huff isn't in the top three of American Idol, America deserves a daily primetime version of The Swan.

3. Despite his accent, which is getting inexplicably stronger each week, I'm rooting for Boston Rob on Survivor: All Stars.

4. Anyone blaming Russell Simmons for "lowering the bar" in the slam scene via Def Poetry needs to do some soul-searching and question whether or not there's a little latent racism to come to terms with.

5. Bad poetry sucks, regardless of its subject matter, approach or origin.

6. Anyone that chooses to take the stage and read a poem - whether on page or memorized, in a slam or open mic - has a bit of an ego.

7. I've never seen so many mullets in one place as I did yesterday at Shea Stadium.

8. I want to punch Quentin Tarantino dead in his face.

9. If Dubya is ever assassinated, I hope whomever does it is considerate enough to take out Cheney, too.

10. I throw stones because I don't believe in glass houses.

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