Friday, April 23, 2004

Pumpkin Seeds: Weekend in Providence Edition

1. TGIF! Finally. Heading up to Providence, RI tomorrow for a long weekend of nothing more than relaxing. Saturday dinner with the MacMillan trio of Worcester will be fun. Might hit Roger Williams Park on Sunday. Definitely the crepe place off Thayer we found a couple of years ago. If it's even still there. Possibly up to Boston for Marché? Wish it was going to be a little warmer, though.

2. Pat Tillman. Hate the war, respect the soldier. Especially one that voluntarily signed up knowing he was going to be fighting in a war, walking away from millions of dollars and the celebrity lifestyle of a professional athelete in the process. If wannabe revolutionaries like myself had half the commitment to their cause, this would be a very different world. Rest in peace.

3. Returned to the gym today after a two-month hiatus to find my bag full of shampoo from an open bottle. Somehow missed my clothes so I worked out anyway. Ruined the bag, though. Now I have a nice Crunch gym bag and am $40 poorer. Exercise hurts.

4. Came back from the gym to find a bucket from KFC with one piece of chicken and an ear of corn in it sitting on my desk. HR issue?

5. Alicia got voted off of Survivor last night and never saw it coming. Wiped that cocky smirk off of her face but good. If Boston Rob makes the final two, I fully expect a Susan Hawk-type speech from her, after which she'll have to give him the nod for playing the game best. I Just hope she wasn't depending on the $1M to pay for those implants of hers.

6. Jennifer Garner? I just don't get the appeal. She's cute, in a boring white girl kind of way, but she seems kind of dumb. Playing a 13-year old won't help that impression any. She's also not the Elektra I remember.

7. Gmail. I got an account. Don't understand all the furor about the ads, though. It's a FREE email account. Just don't use it. As for the privacy issues, do you really believe no one's reading your Yahoo! email? Or AOL? Whatever!

8. No one over 70 should be able to renew their driver's license without letters from their doctor and optometrist declaring them physically and optically fit. Annually. DUI? One strike and you're out. I hope there's a hell and Vernon Ketcher is there with a nasty hangover, vomiting his guts up for eternity, MD 20/20 being mainlined straight to his liver.

9. Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition for the GameBoy Advance is giving me carpal tunnel syndrome.

10. Michael Jackson will commit suicide before this trial is over.

11. If I owe you an email, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just avoiding anything that takes thought for another couple of days. If it's an email from a while ago, it's buried and I'll probably get to it next week when I clean out my inbox.

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