Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A public apology to Helen Yum for not getting downtown to wish her farewell last night. :-(

I tried, really I did, but between Sunday's trip to the zoo and all the walking I did yesterday, by the time we'd gotten the kids ready for bed and I picked up the laundry, I was exhausted. She's one of a handful of poetry people - as in, the ones I like above and beyond the poetry scene - that I'd go out of my way for, but I just couldn't do it last night.

Another apology to everyone else I've stood up in one way or another over the past week or two. Every now and then the planets align and I hit this disconnected phase where I just don't feel very sociable. I'm deep in it right now, for a multitude of reasons, none particularly serious. It's almost like the two weeks leading up to the first louder than words show completely drained me. I need to snap out of it quick as I've never missed back-to-back Acentos shows and next Tuesday's is a must-see.

Couple of quick shots from the past week as I probably won't be blogging for the next couplafew days:

1. The Apprentice: I had no problem with Kwame losing as both guys were top-notch. He let Omarosa screw him over, though. Badly. Somebody needs to cut her 15 minutes short ASAP. Actually, somebody just needs to cut her, period.

2. American Idol: This is really more about Quentin Tarantino who, despite my loathing him, represented himself well as last week's guest judge. It was obvious he was a genuine fan of the show and not just there to shill for his new movie. That said, I still think he's a mysogynist hack with some serious identity issues. And I still want to punch him dead in his face.

3. Survivor: All-Stars: Thanks to Dubya's speech throwing off AI's schedule - and mine- I missed Kathy getting voted off last week. Wasn't surprised at all, though, as Rob is in control until the last of the other tribe is voted off.

4. XBox: Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes? Hot! Project Gotham Racing 2? Smoking. Madden 2003? Johnny boy still hates the Jets. Check out my XBox wishlist for the other games I'm looking forward to!

5. Dungeons & Dragons: Finally got to be a player this time as Steve took over as DM with a new campaign. Half-Drow Bard, female, with a serious chip on her shoulder. Got into a bar brawl in the middle of a Bard-Slam to get things started. Lots of fun. Inner-child is stirring.

Now get out of here and go read Bassey, Mara, Diane, Eliel and Tony.

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