Friday, July 30, 2004

Just read the text of Kerry's prepared speech - not the transcript of the one actually delivered which varied slightly - and can't help but think in terms of the poetry slam: 4.8 for content, 3.0 for performance.

Which in this image-obsessed, media-driven world, one where George Bush is able to successfully present himself as a "regular guy," is a scary thing.

For those that worry about how my vote will ultimately be cast, understand that intellectually, I realize Kerry is exponentially better than Bush, hands down. Philosophically, though, it offends me that he is my only "viable" choice, as it should offend every American forced to contort their ideals to fit into one of two cramped boxes. It offends me that the media has successfully cast this 20-year political veteran as an underdog, a comeback kid; the same media that summarily dismissed him while swooning over Howard Dean, before dropping him like a music video hoochie not open to group sex. The same media that openly dissed the more progressive voices in the campaign and now cynically reports the many similarities between the two parties' nominees.

In the rush to support "Anybody but Bush," Democrats ended up with a nominee that was simply that. Not a principled individual they could believe in and rally behind, but a blank mannequin that could be dressed up as needed.

"Anybody but Bush" may be fine for rabid Democrats but I'm not convinced it's what people on the fence are necessarily looking for. At the least, it puts Bush's destiny in his own hands, a risky gamble I wouldn't bet on.

I have to wonder if Kerry's rallying cry of "Help is on the way." may end up being a reference to the Clinton/Obama ticket in 2008?


Anonymous said...

Keep on marching, Lefty McLefterson! You make it easier for those of us in the center to actually make a difference.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

True. I also make sure you don't drift so far to the right that an election becomes pointless. ;-)

Patricia said...

I totally agree with loudpoet...and it's why I can't help but admire, and to some extent support, Ralph Nadar. I don't necessarily agree with his positions on most issues, but he's struggling to provide the people with an alternative to two corrupt, disingenuous political parties. He does not pander to the special interests with deep pockets. He doesn't have to pretend he's a strong and pro military like Kerry does...he doesn't have to pretend he's sensitive to the needs of average people like Bush does...He doesn't have to pretend he's anything. He and he alone in this election can concentrate on what he believes in. So there, I admire that. Will I vote for Kerry? Probably, but only because of my complete distain for the Bush administration particularly Dick Cheney who's exceptionally shortsighted and self-interested, and who seemed to hold the reins to an unintelligent, somewhat disinterested George Bush. I'm not in a swing state so I guess my vote wont make any difference anyway, will it? So maybe I will vote for Ralph Nadar after all. Anyway, good luck everyone.

Tony said...

True. I also make sure you don't drift so far to the right that an election becomes pointless. ;-)No shit -- but isn't it already?

Honest to Christ, I can't help it -- when he pulled that statement about not wanting a "back door draft" out, I couldn't help thinking that was a prep statment for a front door draft.

Why would I want to switch my vote to John Kerry when what I'll get is George Bush with better taste in wine?

It's over. I'm moving to Canada.

Dyanna said...

I just hung out with a few people that I THOUGHT were Democrats this weekend. They told me they are voting for Bush because at least he has a point and an agenda that makes sense. i.e. the whole argument about Kerry not standing for anything in particular and his wishy-washyness on his views on shit has forced them to believe that Bush deserves more time to make things right. I'm paraphrasing but they basically believed that the 'anybody but Bush' stance is the wrong one to take.

Sadly, I kinda agreed, but what other choice do we have if we want to get Bush out? Help me oh guru of politics!

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

That's a tough one. While I totally understand their feeling that way, I certainly couldn't justify their proposed action. I'd rather they voted for Nader or simply stayed home. There's a big difference between thinking Kerry's not the right answer and thinking Bush deserves another four years! The last thing that fool needs is grounds to claim some kind of a mandate and that's exactly what he'd get if disaffected Democrats voted for him out of protest.

Tony said...

Agreed. My comments were totally sarcastic. I will not be voting for Bush, no matter what...

Sitting here in Massachusetts, I suspect I'll have the luxury of voting Green (again) with no fear of damaging Kerry, so I get to have my cake and eat it too, maintaining my perfect record of never voting for a Democrat OR a Republican for President since 1980.

Should I feel good about that?