Sunday, July 4, 2004


FIRST. EVER. SWEEP. Yeeeeeah, baby!

And how fitting was it to have Pay-Rod make the last out?

Very fitting. Punk.

Richard Hidalgo is turning into the best Mets trade since Piazza and might single-handedly wipe away the bad taste still lingering from Vaughn, Burnitz, Alomar, et al. Now Duquette needs to get some solid middle relief and a legitimate 5th starter (Keep Jae Seo; give Stanton and Ginter the old heave-ho!) and we might be able to make a serious run for the division.

Much as I want to see Boston take the Yankees out, I'lll forgo that dream for Subway Series 2004: The Revenge!!!

M! E! T! S!

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Dan Diaz said...

Finally got the taste of a meaningless victory. Congrats. Now all you need to do is forget about 2000, and all is good. How did that series go? Ohh yeah, a 4 games to 1 beatdown at Shea. Normally a World Series win at Shea would be heaven, but when the $Yanks$ are dancing on the field it must be hell.